Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics Centre level grant opportunity (US only)

Big new grant opportunity to set of up centres for forecasting and outbreak analytics in the US.


This new CDC cooperative agreement will develop a network of innovators to design, prototype, test, and scale innovative capabilities for improving analytics, modeling and forecasting to support decision makers during outbreaks of infectious diseases (both known and newly emerging) in the United States. The purpose of this cooperative agreement program is to save lives through improving public health response to disease threats. The primary objective of the cooperative agreement is to enhance communication and collaboration between innovators, integrators, and implementers in analytic methods with public health partners at federal, state, territorial, local and tribal levels to improve outbreak response through outbreak analytics and disease modeling. Partnership and collaboration between academia, public health, health care and the private sector is at the core of this funding opportunity.

Marc Lipsitch chatting about this here:

Obviously, lots and lots of overlap here with the work many of us have been doing which is really exciting. May have the potential to lead to some real transformation. I realise many people are not US based and its not currently clear to me if there are pathways to interact with this if that is the case.

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