Sam Brand - Intro

Hi everyone,

I’m a maths epidemiology researcher. Originally from Maths and a bit of theoretical phys at KCL, then onto the Complexity centre (now Mathsys) at Warwick for PhD.

I’ve dabbled in a lot of Maths epi things without mastering anything in particular, including:

  • Moment closure techniques.
  • Optimal control stuff.
  • Bayesian inference for dynamical systems.
  • VBDs of livestock.
  • Climate forcing in bluetongue virus transmission.
  • Explicitly spatial models (think farms in a FMD-esque model).
  • A small bit of phylogenetics.
  • A bit of cost-effectiveness analysis of vaccine roll-out scenarios.

Mostly worked with the KEMRI-Wellcome group based in Kilifi, Kenya.

Now at the CFA (a group in CDC) where I do mainly short-term forecasting and developing the EpiAware package.


Nice to see you over here Sam!

I am also working on the EpiAware project and really excited about its potential to unlock truely composable epidemiological modelling for real-time awareness problems.

We have had some chats on what moving to an open contributor model would look like for that work (for which their can be community discussion but also obviously work side discussion). One option that could work is a sibling org to epinowcast (i.e EpiAware to host the various submodules) or to host within the epinowcast org (as its the same task just in julia) - there are likely various flavours in between here that would make sense as well.

Also readers if someone has a fun epi maths problem Sam is a good person to ping :smile: