0.3.0 Roadmap (scheduled release date: 2023-03-01)

Hi all,

As suggested in 0.2.0 package pre-release this is a post to discuss our roadmap for the next release (0.3.0). We need to think about which features we want and over what timescale we aim to put this release out.

I’ve made a tentative project (0.3.0 Release · GitHub) for current issues that I think fit and one for 0.4.0 (0.4.0 Release · GitHub) but this is very tentative.

Personally, I would favour a faster release cadence with fewer features per release. I also think we should aim to make 0.3.0 quality of life and clean up the release before moving into chunky new features in 0.4.0 (for which we can also have a discussion).

I’d propose a planned release date of the 1st of March 2023 and can commit approximately a week of solid dev time for this release.

That is of course all up for debate! Keen to hear what others think.