Community seminars for real-time infectious disease modelling

At multiple prior #meetings we have discussed the benefits of setting up a secondary meeting with a seminar-like structure (i.e where one person presents + some kind of Q and A). I really like this idea and am very happy to take point organising but would also be very happy to do this with someone else or in fact let someone else take on this role themselves.

The generally agreed focus would be quite permissive but aiming to focus on real-time modelling of infectious disease as as we know this is quite underserved and often poorly defined.

The current plan is to organise this on a monthly basis for the first Wednesday of the month at 2pm UK time (starting on the
1st of February). Does that work for most people?

I think this should be fairly informal so would propose that people suggest/volunteer to speak in this thread and that we organise new speakers for the next Month in the week of that months meeting (if that makes sense) and then make a community post advertising it. Does anyone have suggestions for other systems?

You can sign up for our event calendar here:


We now have a schedule and a new co-chair (@FelixGuenther).