Community Seminar 2023-03-01 - Adrian Lison - Generative modeling approaches to nowcasting with incomplete line list data

Next week Wednesday (the first of March!) we have our next community real-time analysis seminar at 2pm UK time (see here for some background)!

Adrian Lison (@adrianlison ) will be talking about his work on accounting for missing reference date information and/or incorporating a renewal process prior into the model for the case time series within the epinowcast framework.

I think these are really exciting extensions of the basic Epinowcast model and I look forward to hearing more about them! I hope you feel the same way and we’ll meet next week Wednesday at the seminar!

Short abstract: Line list data offer the potential for a more timely tracking of transmission dynamics through the use of nowcasting. In practice, missing data and noise are important problems that need to be accounted for when nowcasting from line lists. In his talk, Adrian will discuss these challenges and how they can be addressed using Bayesian modeling in line with epinowcast’s generative modeling framework.

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