Epinowcast fediverse

I’ve been transitioning to mastodon and exploring hosting an instance. It seemed like the epinowcast platform could be a good home for this instance?

The key pause has been having to commit to moderation which I strongly don’t want to do. That means an individual instance. However, I thought if others were interested we could keep it small and invite only? That would essentially have the same hosting cost as if I ran it for myself so happy to shoulder that.

Details on what I am talking about here: Getting Mastodon running on a custom domain | Simon Willison’s TILs


I’m just waiting for one of the hosting providers to open up and then will do this. If anyone sees one that looks good and is taking new customers give this a ping and I will get on it.

Still waiting for a hosting service open up. I am still enjoying Mastodon so keen to push on this.