Welcome community blog post

We have recently created epinowcast.org for work that goes beyond the current package and laying the groundwork for future packages, extensions etc. Part of this includes a community blog (Epinowcast - Blog) which is currently empty.

The first thing we need to do is add a welcome post that outlines some of the ideas behind our community, plans for future work, links to resources, and suggestions for how to get involved. Would anyone be interested in helping out with writing this? We can throw some ideas in this thread for the ground that should/can be covered and then go from there.

Personally, I was thinking something like this:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Discuss current approaches to dealing with these problems.
  • Outline some potential limitations with these approaches.
  • Introduce the idea of the epinowcast community and give an outline of what currently exists.
  • Outline some ideas for future expansions and link to parts of this work that have started.
  • Outline how to get involved
  • Invite blog posts from community members on related topics.

What does everyone think?

Wow going to need a queuing system to handle all the volunteers :laughing:

I will thrash out a draft and post it here for comment.

I agree that having a welcome blog post would be nice, just wanted to say that I think in terms of priorities it is more important to focus on the discourse community and the package development at the moment.

Can help with writing after my leave!

Agree in terms of substance though sadly think it’s a little bit like the emperor’s New clothes and there is a lot of value in window dressing etc to drive contributions/support.