Epinowcast.org updates and epinowcast 0.2.1

As part of the epinowcast 0.2.1 release which many of us have been working away at for a while I gave the website (i.e. epinowcast.org) a lick of paint.

The main changes were to introduce seminar and meetings pages to make these easier to find + to start adding in individual seminar pages (i.e. like this one for @kcharniga talk tomorrow: Epinowcast - Kelly Charniga - Nowcasting and Forecasting the 2022 U.S. Mpox Outbreak: Support for Public Health Decision Making and Lessons Learned)

I also added our first blog post to announce the epinowcast 0.2.1 release (Epinowcast - Blog). It seems sensible to use this as a venue for updates from community members + packages etc. (thinking along the lines of the tidyverse blog if you have seen that). I am not sure of the process we should follow for deciding what to post but I guess in the first instance if people are interested in contributing perhaps we start with a discussion post here and then go from there?

Some things we might want to add to the site are a list of community contributors (for which we would also need some process.) and a better list of the funding people have been using to contribute to this (for those for which this is important it tends to be very important!)

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Should we also add the previous seminars for completeness?

yes we definitely should! I was going to do this as a watching TV project over the next few weeks as it isn’t exactly exciting.

Something I haven’t resolved is how to surface these using the list on the seminars page. As it stands it can only be date sorted which as we add speakers will really make it hard to find the next scheduled speaker.