Community meeting 2023-04-19

We have a casual meeting booked in today. Nothing docked to talk about that I am aware of but we can chat through current progress with epinowcast 0.2.1 (Epinowcast 0.2.1 proposed roadmap - #2 by samabbott), plans for epinowcast 0.3.0 and the other community related projects that are starting to spin up?

We could also chat briefly about the Thoughts on a Ten Simple rule paper - #9 by pearsonca

Connect to the meeting

You can sign up for our event calendar here: Google calendar

Or here for non-Google calendar users: ICAL link

Or just join the event directly itself here:

Hey Sam. Sorry, I’m not able to join today as I have a commitment at the same time, but looking forward to joining future meetings. Also, I wasn’t aware of this recurring meeting but will sign up.

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