Propagating uncertainty between models in EpiNow2

Interesting discussion happening in the EpiNow2 discussion forum about how to pass nowcasts into a modelling pipeline for Rt estimation and short-term forecasting.

Useful to think about the parts of the problem epinowcast covers better but doesn’t in reality as still complex to us, the parts of the problem that could be better served by other approaches, and more generally how estimating the various delays and quantities of interest.

This issue relates to the talk (Community Seminar 2023-03-01 - Adrian Lison - Generative modeling approaches to nowcasting with incomplete line list data) @adrianlison will be giving at the next Seminar.

He has done quite a lot of work looking at the impact of passing estimates between models (as done in EpiNow2 vs joint modelling as done in his work and optionally in epinowcast.