Thoughts on a Ten Simple rule paper

Thank you so much for the help @medewitt! I’m traveling now and with limited internet access, when I come back I’ll edit the manuscript.

Anyone that wants to add/edit feel free to please do it


I’ve retargeted the introduction at situational awareness (or at least made this more clear) and combined some rules. It might be helpful at this point to take a step back and have people suggest sets of rules that we think are important. We can then synthesis with what we already have, order, and expand on the detail? I will circle back around tomorrow to give my list.

Some things I think that are key to keep in mind are:

  • We are aiming at those producing situational estimates (so short-term forecasts, nowcasts, and hindcasts) to be used by decision makers
  • We are not (or not solely) aiming at those actually building the tools but also those using them as this is a much larger category.
  • There are likely differences in different contexts. We should watch out for these in our discussions/exchanges and try and highlight them as they are likely valuable.
  • We can have rules that are specific to nowcasts/forecasts/hindcasts but we need to make this clear somewhere early on or it could be very confusing.
  • I think some kind of ordering is really key. I really like @jrcpulliam suggestion of doing this based around how the process works as it seems like quite a natural way for the information to be used.