Community survey: When should the Community Seminar take place?

Dear all,

we are starting another survey to figure out the best day of the week for the monthly Community Seminar. Note that from next month on, the time for the seminar has been shifted to 3pm UK time, to make it easier for people in the Eastern time zone to join.

Please let us know on which days of the week you could join :spiral_calendar:

(Please tick all options that would normally work for you):

  • Wednesday 3pm UK time (10am Eastern time)
  • Thursday 3pm UK time (10am Eastern time)
  • Friday 3pm UK time (10am Eastern time)
  • None of these work for me
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If none of these work for you, you are welcome to make further suggestions in the comments.

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Thanks @adrianlison! Pinging @kcharniga2 for awareness. We have heard from a few people (Adrian included) that the current timing is a bit of an issue. Obviously, we can’t please everyone but seems like we should try and please the majority?

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